Bible Book Challenge 2015

Bible Book Challenge 2015



A Study in the Book of Judges

If you're going to participate in this challenge, please print this page, fill it out and place it in offering plate on Sunday, December 7.

Name _________________________________

Address _______________________________

Zip code _______________________________

Phone _________________________________

Email _________________________________

Please check the study option you will use:

__ Option 1: I will study on my own.

__ Option 2: I will study at home with my family.

__ Option 3: I will study with friends.

__ Option 4: Online study board discussion.

__ Option 5: I will join the study group at church.*


*The church study group will meet biweekly in the evening for one hour. You will be notified of the stating day and time.

The cost is $5.00 for the Judges study book, including exams.

Complete this form and turn in with payment. Make checks payable to "Vroom Street Church."

Deadline is Sunday, December 7!

Christmas Celebration 2014!

Christmas Celebration 2014!

Postponed: Baptism Service!

Postponed: Baptism Service!