4 Things Christians in Jersey City Need to Know

4 Things Christians in Jersey City Need to Know


Jersey_City_from_a_helicopter Jersey City is a big place. With almost 260,000 people, it is the second largest city in New Jersey, just shy of Newark by 10-20 thousand people. Most recently, Jersey City was rated as the most diverse city. And with an ever-growing business district and arts/food scene, more and more professionals come and developments happen. It arguable that "Chilltown" is the most influential city in New Jersey.

This is why Christians need to be alert. We need to know our city. Here are four key things to know about our city.

1 - Jesus Loves the City

God sent his only son to be born in a stable, but his main ministry load was in cities. He understood the strategic nature of reaching influencers but also the crucial need to reach the poor -- both of which can be found in cities like Jersey City.

2 - God is On the Pursuit

Jesus didn't just live in the cities. He reached out to people. God is on the pursuit to save the lost, and we should be too. On our blocks. On our commutes. In and out of our churches. We need to pursue people in JC with God's love because that is what God is about.

3 - Change Can Be Bad

With all the changes happening in Jersey City, it's easy to get excited and forget about the needs of the poor, homeless and helpless. While we should reach our new residents with the gospel, let us not grow tired in doing good for those in need.

4 - Change Can Be Good

We should be excited about the changes that have happened to Jersey City. A new spring of businesses and homes have opened. More people come to Jersey City as a hot destination for food, the arts and transportation into NYC. This is a pivotal time to be bold for the gospel. Reaching the lost now is key for the well-being of our future city.


Jesus loves Jersey City. As Christians here, it's so crucial that we do too. And that we place our hands on the plow to work for the well-being of the city by sharing the gospel of the Kingdom with all who will hear it!


-Article by Vroom Street Church

-Photo from Wikipedia

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