My name is Bill, and I'm the senior pastor here at Vroom Street Church. I'm so glad you've decided to visit and learn more about us! As a church family we often pray that God would draw people like you here, to worship, grow and serve Jesus Christ together with us.  So what should you expect when you come to church here?

First, expect to meet some very friendly, down-to-earth people! Our church is made up of people from many backgrounds who are friendly, sincere, committed to Jesus and who live in the community.

 You can also expect:

  • The truth of the Bible communicated in creative, thought-provoking and encouraging ways.
  • Contemporary worship that will inspire you and keep you going througout the week.
  • Warm fellowship: we enjoy spending time with each other after every Sundy morning worship service while we enjoy light refreshments together.
  • And laughter...we like to laugh.

 What can I expect for kids?

Kidz Connected Sunday is our ministry to children ages 4-12 years old. We try to be creative, interactive and fun...while keeping Bible teaching central to every age level. This is a safe and exciting place for all children to grow.

 What if I don't have a church background?

You are especially welcome! I really hope you will come! You have everything to gain--you'll be surprised at how enriching the time will be. So when you come, please introduce yourself to me! I want to meet the people I have been praying God will bring. I look forward to meeting you.