Week Two | July Jamboree

Week Two | July Jamboree


From July Jamboree Director, Kesia:

1. Weekly Summary

The second week of July Jamboree, themed SonTreasure Island, went very well. Our staff was very energetic and our campers enjoyed our new station, Instrumental Music, where they learned the keys on the piano, played a fundamental version of “Blind Man,” and learned how to transition on the keyboard. In our other stations, Music and Dance, our children learned a dance to the song, “Beautiful Day” which teaches the kids that God’s presence in our lives can make any day bearable and enjoyable. The older kids also learned and created their own choreography to the song, “Me Without You”; the message of the song being that without the Lord, we wander around aimlessly in life.

In the beginning of the week, the children made seashell paperweights, wood chimes, and maracas in our Imagination Station which taught them how great God’s love is—these projects helped the kids learn that God created beautiful things for us, that He shows us his love through his creations and that he shows his love through music. In our Bible Station, the kids learned about God’s love and how His love is shown in Jesus. They learned that His love is kind, patient, forgiving, never fails, and is for everyone. For the entire week all of the children of July Jamboree worked on memorizing “the love verses” in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.

At the end of the week a magician, Pee-Wee, visited July Jamboree and brought his Bounce House which the kids and staff thoroughly enjoyed.  He also taught the kids about exotic animals, provided a lot of laughter, and gave out cotton candy.

2. Staff and Kid Spotlights staff week 2

For the second week of July Jamboree one of our staff members, Brianna Bashira, was our “Employee of the week.” Out of all the staff members, Brianna displayed a passion for the program, and it was evident that she truly cares for her crew, the Hummingbirds. Not only is she full of energy, and a positive role model, but she always comes to July Jamboree with a smile on her face.

The following four children were chosen as the best campers of week 2:

kids week 2

  • Annie Ruiz- Great teamwork and participation in our Games Station
  • Chloe David- Helpfulness, good behavior, positive attitude, great participation in our Imagination and Music Stations
    • Chloe has also encouraged her friends to learn with her, and is always there to cheer other students up
    • Yassa Iaikhairl- Great dance moves, and participation
    • Daniel Valencia- Participation, asks great questions in our Bible Station, has a positive attitude, and follows directions

3. Prayer Requests

- Safety & Well being

- Asst. in every aspect of life

- God can use the staff as his tools to evangelize his love for the kids

- Strength for Flower and family for the passing of her grandmother

- Praying for healing & persevere for Albert

- Praying healing for Ledia and family from Egypt

- Praying for Staff and their family

Week 3 | July Jamboree

Week 3 | July Jamboree

Baptism Photos 2014

Baptism Photos 2014