Week 3 | July Jamboree

Week 3 | July Jamboree


Weekly Highlights

The third week of July Jamboree, themed Jungle Safari, was very enjoyable for all members of the program. Our campers especially enjoyed this week because they played a variety of games in our Games station, learned new songs in our Music station, and were even introduced to Zumba in our Dance station. In our other stations, Imagination and Instrumental, the children created noisemakers in order to praise God through music; they learned to be thankful for God’s creations and to be grateful to hear music, make music, and feel things because of music. In our Instrumental station, our campers also learned sharp and flat notes on the keyboard as well as two songs, “ Gorilla Gets the Man” and “Can’t Hold Us” which they performed on stage for the rest of the camp. In our last station, the Bible station, the kids learned that God is the creator who made our amazing world, the provider who took care of Elijah, and the protector who kept Daniel safe in the lion’s den. They also learned that God is the savior who saves us though Jesus, and the king who rules forever in Heaven. For the rest of the week they learned memory verses from the Psalms.

Staff Spotlights

week 3 staff

For the third week of July Jamboree we had five staff members go above and beyond our expectations. Pictured below are Elisa Johnson, Nyjah Boynton, Nyasia Thomas, Mariam Meshriky, and Malliet Nyambane. All staff members were chosen because of their high energy, helpfulness, willingness to improve, and abilities to cheer the children up.

Camper Spotlights

kids week 3

The following three children were chosen as the campers of the week: Youstina Hana (11), Angelina Gebhardt (5), and Alicia Campbell (12).

• Youstina Hana- Youstina is one of our campers of the week because she is always willing to lend a helping hand, and she goes out of her way to comfort and console other children.

• Angelina Gebhardt- Angelina was chosen as a camper of the week because she showed good listening skills, was very attentive, and always had a positive attitude.

• Alicia Campbell- Alicia was chosen as one of our campers of the week because of her passion for the keyboard and her hard work in our Instrumental Station.

Prayer Requests

- Safety and well being of all kids and their families

- Assistance in every aspect of life

- Praying that God can use the staff as his tools to evangelize his love for the kids

- Praying for healing & perseverance for Brianna

- Pray for better family ties and bonding

- Praying for the staff and their family


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