Week 4 | July Jamboree

Week 4 | July Jamboree


WeekFourJulyJam From July Jamboree Director, Kesia:

Weekly Highlights

The fourth week of July Jamboree, themed “Shine”, was very fun for all campers and staff. This week we introduced a new station, Drama class, in which the kids learned how to perform and create skits from Bible stories such as “The Good Samaritan” with a modern day context. In addition to learning and creating skits, they also learned about facial expressions, voice projection, and the nine stage directions. In our Instrumental station, our youngest campers age 5-8 learned rhythm and how to master beats on bucket drums. In our Music and Dance stations, all of our campers continued to perfect their dance moves and to practice for our July Jamboree Reunion, Friday August 1st.  Moreover, in our Bible station our kids learned five stories from the Bible: the stoning of Stephen, Tower of Babel, John the Baptist, and Jesus’ calling of the disciples—Peter fisher of men. Lastly, we had our campers and staff partake in Spirit Week in which they brought their craziest hats and hair, mismatched socks, sports attire, and nerdy outfits—they even chose a twin and dressed similarly for the third day of Spirit week.  Pictures are down below.

Spirit Week

Crazy Hair/Hats- Monday

crazy hair day

Mismatched socks-Tuesday

mismatched socks day

Twin Day-Wednesday

twin day 1

Sports Day-Thursday

sports day

Nerd Day- Friday

nerd day

Staff Spotlights

staff spotlights week 4

For our fourth and final week of July Jamboree, two staff members exceeded our expectations. Both Celeste Sena and Stephanie Johnson filled in for other staff members and were excellent in doing so. They were chosen as our employees of the week because they were willing to learn, eager to help, and great at their jobs.

Due to the competitiveness of our Spirit Week, our staff in addition to the kids, displayed a lot of spirit. Our staff member with the most creative and outgoing spirit week attire, Alejandrina De La Cruz, is pictured above as well.

Camper Spotlights

kid spotlights

The following two children were chosen as our campers of the week: Jeresa Warren-Lynch (5) and Anthony Gebhardt (6). Jeresa was chosen for her talents in Instrumental class and Anthony was chosen for his helpfulness and good participation in our Imagination station.




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